INTUITION: The basics

I’ve always been a firm believer in trusting my gut, and it’s usually the first piece of advice I give to anyone in pretty much any situation. But until this year I never really gave much thought to what it really means, what that voice really is and just powerful it can be...

Your intuition / inner voice / soul / inner guide / higher self - everyone has a different name for it! My preferred terms right now are inner voice and soul, but it’s forever changing. You’ll notice I’ll switch between different terms, but generally speaking they all point to the same concept. Whatever name you choose, I like to define intuition as the internal navigation system that never lets you down. It’s always right, always true, and always loving. Developing a strong relationship with my intuition is something I’ve really focussed on in the last year. I’ve had so much fun playing with it’s power, and really pushing the level of trust and faith I have in it.

I think we all know the feeling pretty well, usually felt in the gut or the heart, of a powerful knowing. Even without any conscious justification or reasoning, sometimes something just feels right or wrong. This is so incredibly powerful, but often our minds are so filled up with noise that we can’t quite hear it’s wisdom. So to start off, I’ve written some tips to help whack up the volume and strengthen your relationship with your inner voice.

Take it to the next level

Let go

To develop my relationship with my intuition, I had to trust and let go. As a self confessed control freak, I know this isn’t easy! But fully letting go, trusting my gut and just simply allowing has got to be one of the most liberating things I've ever experienced. It creates such a comfort in knowing I just have to tap into my wise inner guide and I know all is well.

Listen carefully

If you’re new to this concept, relax, breathe, and find a quiet space. Do you have any questions that are coming up in your life that you’d like answering? Ask yourself exactly as you would a friend, but instead focus inwards and listen carefully to the response. The mind will try and interrupt, but that’s okay. Breathe and listen to what comes forward. Ask it questions. Challenge it. Create a dialogue with it. Talk to it like you would another human being. It can also be hugely powerful to write to it. Yes it’s a thing, and yes it’s bloody brilliant! Something I scoffed at at first, but has now become a significant part of my regular practice. Journalling is a widely used and really great mindfulness practice, but it has even more potential than you may realise. The best resource I could possibly share at this point is Jess Lively. I started following Jess in early 2018 and although at first the concept of writing to your intuition like a pen pal seemed pretty out there, she does explain it very clearly with lots of analogies and easy to understand vocabulary. You can learn how to do write to your intuition right here, you won’t regret it.

Check in

Once you’ve created a regular dialogue with your intuition and it becomes ‘normal’, you’ll find yourself naturally checking in more and more regularly. Now any challenge I face, when I experience any anxiety or resistance - I check in to find out what’s going on from within instead of automatically immediately seeking advice from friends, family or the internet! No-one’s advice will be more true than the wisdom from your inner voice.

I’d love to hear about any dialogue you’ve had with your inner voice, comment below or drop me a message!