Keep it simple

Ever wonder why it’s so hard to follow your own advice? At the heart of my business is my mission to empower and encourage people to live by their own rules, fuck the status quo and find routines and strategies in their life and business that work for them

So why the hell have I been tearing my hair out the last few weeks trying to do ALL the things, thinking if I don’t do what all the other successful coaches are doing then my business won’t grow?!?!?!
But, I’d be dumb not to use the knowledge and expertise from successful coaches and business owners to model my own strategies right?...🙈

Hmm so here’s the thing...when does looking outside yourself for guidance cross over into blind copying, and policing yourself with rules that just don’t apply to you? Yes looking outside myself has given me VALUABLE knowledge and tools

But now it’s time to create something new ✨✨✨

I stopped for a minute this morning and allowed my inner voice to come through. It reminded me why I started all this in the first place - To help people, but most importantly to help myself by living a life that was SLOW and SIMPLE

Trying to keep up with the latest marketing trends, create offerings on multiple platforms and be available pretty much 24/7 is NOT what I signed up for. I needed reminding that I trust working in a way that is aligning for me will attract the right clients and business

So it’s time for me to slow the frig down again and keep things simple. You with me? Let’s see how this unfolds ✨ .