How can coaching & personal development be more accessible for LGBTQ+ people?

With the UK pride celebrations coming to an end, I want to ask - How can coaching and personal development resources be more accessible for LGBTQ+ people?

When I started Wild Thoughts, I really wanted it to be a safe and accessible space for queer people. Since discovering my own ‘queerness’ as a teenager, I’ve been through many phases of connection and disconnect with my identity. At times I refused to believe I was gay, or just wished I wasn't. At other times I have felt immense pride and attachment to my labels. I have hidden my queerness to make other people more comfortable, and been outrageously confident in spaces I have been most vulnerable. I have felt both accepted and cast out in queer and non queer spaces. And now - I’m so thankful I know more than ever how to love and accept myself in ALL these phases. I wish I had known about coaching in those early tender moments, as I really believe it would’ve helped me spend far less time worrying about my identity and much more time just being me at my fullest potential.

It is my mission to make Wild Thoughts as accessible as possible to queer people - and right now that’s by doing things like being open and honest on social media, being inclusive in the language I use and asking for preferred pronouns in my booking request forms.

How can I make Wild Thoughts more accessible for LGBTQ+ people? I'd love to hear your ideas. Happy Pride folks 🏳️‍🌈 ❤️