Welcome to Wild Thoughts

Welcome to the very first entry on the Wild Thoughts blog! I’m so excited to finally share this new project with you. Settle in, grab a cuppa…I want to use this first post to explain to you who I am and what Wild Thoughts is all about.  

So let’s start from the beginning. My name is Lily - Hi! I’m twenty six, creative, queer, with a total obsession for oat milk lattes. As well as running Wild Thoughts, I work freelance as a video director and editor in London. I LOVE my job and I feel so proud and grateful to be a creator for a living. I decided to create Wild Thoughts in the same year I discovered mindfulness. My entry into mindfulness practice came out of a time where I felt completely disengaged with life. My relationships were strained, I was stressed out at work and I’d completely lost my creativity and my sense of self. I hit rock bottom, and I woke up one day and just simply said aloud ‘I cannot live like this anymore’. And my options were clear; to either discontinue with life, or to radically change how I live and find a way to love life and myself again. 

And that’s exactly what I did. I started meditating, practicing yoga, I went back intro therapy; I prioritised my wellbeing above EVERYTHING, and in doing so I started manifesting the most incredible results... I started gaining more success in my career, my creativity shot through the roof, my relationships were healthier and I felt the total joy in life that seemed so illusive not so long ago.

I immediately felt compelled to find a way to share my findings; to teach people like you the tools I have learned in the hope it enriches your life and work as much as it has my own already. What interested me the most was how much my mindfulness practice enhanced my work as a creative. And this is what inspired me to start Wild Thoughts; a place to document the practices that enrich my creative work and share tools to help people like you get the same amazing results I have.

When I started developing Wild Thoughts I had some key things in mind I wanted it to be. As much as a lot of the mindfulness and personal development content I have consumed has given me the most invaluable advise, something didn’t always totally connect. This wellness world can often seem too perfect, polished, and to me - unrealistic. Not every moment is ‘Instagram worthy’ - This journey can get real ugly sometimes. It can be tough, it can require a hell of a lot of patience and a HELL of a lot of self compassion. The truth is even when you’re really aceing this mindfulness stuff, there are some days when it still feels like you’re wading through treacle. With highs come lows, there will always be contrast, and I don’t feel like this side is shared openly and honestly enough. Wild Thoughts is a safe, honest and totally transparent space for everyone. It’s a place to share our experiences and join in offering ourselves a little more compassion when it all goes a bit tits up!

I also want to be honest about the fact I am learning and growing. I want you to experience this with me in real time, as I learn and discover mindfulness tools that enrich my own creative practice, in the hope you will be inspired to develop your own wellness practices bespoke to you.

And finally Wild Thoughts isn’t just this blog! It’s a creative community; a hub of likeminded, creative and radical thinkers who are brave enough to live by their own rules. So go ahead and follow me on Insta or Twitter to keep up to date with what I’m up to. You can also pop your email into the box over there to get news, updates and notifications when a new post goes live!