Wild Thoughts Lily Celeste Life Coach NLP Portrait 4

I know how it feels to run on auto-pilot, and I know how much that sucks. I spent many years in jobs, relationships and routines that weren’t right for me just because I felt like it was what I “should” be doing. But as soon as I stepped into my power, took responsibility for my life and found the courage to throw away the rule book and do things my way,  it changed everything. I realised my potential and life became more fun, rich and fulfilling.

From as early as I can remember I always had a plan. After graduating from Chelsea College of Art in 2015 I was set on my path to be a filmmaker, and that was that. I worked on some amazing projects, had the most incredible opportunities and produced work I’m still very proud of… but I could no longer ignore the many hurdles I was coming up against along the way.

I was constantly battling my imposter syndrome, I was putting an insane amount of pressure on myself and beating myself up when I didn’t meet my own expectations. I was too afraid to take risks because my fear of failure meant I didn’t trust that I would be able to bounce back. My anxiety was running the show, and I ignored the little voice inside me that wondered if this was really the right thing for me. I was burnt out, I wasn’t prioritising my mental health or personal wellbeing and it wasn’t surprising when it all went up in smoke and I completely crashed out. Even though from the outside it looked like I was successful, I was actually miserable. I was tired, disconnected and unfulfilled and I felt like I had to play a role to get ahead in a game I didn’t even want to play. I was so focused on what I thought I should be doing, I failed to ask myself “what do I actually want?”. So, I got curious…

I discovered mindfulness and it completely changed my life. It taught me to see real value in self awareness, care and compassion. Prioritising a healthy and loving relationship with myself above everything not only helped my mental health, but I was amazed to see how much it transformed my creativity and the way I was making decisions in my career and all other aspects of my life. I was so much more inspired. I no longer wanted to live in fear – I wanted to choose to see life as fun, and follow my curiosity instead of limiting myself by sticking to a plan. I continued in my filmmaking career with a new lease of life, choosing to reduce the stress and increase the fun. I still came up against obstacles, but with my new mindfulness toolkit I was able to overcome them with so much more ease. I moved my career (a few times) and learned to let go of the safety net of a 9-5 that didn’t work for me. I surrounded myself with people who empowered me and left behind everything that didn’t.

In early 2019 I knew what I wanted my next adventure to be, so I followed my curiosity and took action… I began training to be a certified NLP Master Practitioner & Life Coach. I feel so humbled and thankful I now have a career in helping people improve their lives, by stepping into their power, following their curiosity and living life by their rules – just like I did. 

The biggest lesson I learned is that life can throw all sorts our way, but that doesn’t mean we have to resign to it. If you can find the lessons, you can use everything to your strength. There is light in everything and most importantly there is power in you.